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Budget Committee Opening

North Lincoln Fire & Rescue District #1 has an open position on our budget committe, this is a 3-year term.

Please read the following information about the budget committee if you would like to have the oppurnity to join the budget committee please send a letter of intrest to NLFR.


 In person: Station 14 located at 2525 NW Hwy 101 Lincoln City

Mail: PO Box 200 Lincoln City, OR 97367

The Board of Directors will review the letters and then appoint a new member to the committee at the next Board of Directors Meeting Scheduled for Febuary 14, 2024 

About the Budget Committee


The North Lincoln Fire & Rescue District #1 Budget Committee was created to ensure the District’s financial plan is administered according to Local Budget Law. This requires that a budget officer be appointed and that a budget committee be formed that includes voters from the district. The budget officer draws together necessary information and prepares the proposed budget. The Budget Committee reviews and may revise the proposed budget before it is formally approved. Oregon’s Local Budget Law objectives are found in ORS 294.321.




·         To establish standard procedures for the preparation, presentation, administration and appraisal of budgets of municipal corporations.


·         To provide for a brief description of the programs of a municipal corporation and the fiscal policy which is to accomplish these programs.


·         To provide estimates of revenues, expenditures and proposed taxes.


·         To provide specific methods for obtaining public views in the preparation of fiscal policy.


·         To provide for the control of revenues and expenditures for the promotion of efficiency and economy in the expenditure of public funds.


·         To enable the public, taxpayers and investors to be apprised of the financial policies and administration of the municipal corporation in which they are interested.


The Budget Committee is comprised of five (5) members from the voting community, who work with the District Board of Directors. The Committee meets once during budget season (April and May); twice only if needed.


The term of office of a member of the Budget Committee is three (3) years, and each shall serve without compensation.